About us

About us

About us – Wabtec Netherlands: Your partner from the start…

Since 1953 Wabtec Netherlands has been the specialist in developing and creating flexible power supply for nearly every all possible situation and sites. Especially if the equipment has to be reliable and flexible, we have the solution. In many fields. We advise and design solutions for flexible power supply for crane equipment, automated warehouses, Building Maintenance Units (BMU), concrete skippers, agricultural and horticultural applications, stage technologies, transfer carts and many more.

Much of the work is done in co-operation with electrotechnical installers, engineers and architects. Because Wabtec Netherlands appreciates it to be involved right from the start of the project.

Wabtec Netherlands, the world-wide supplier.

The Wabtec Netherlands head office is situated in Ede, the Netherlands and has its own representatives in Belgium and Germany, who advise you in person on location. World-wide, you can find local contacts of Wabtec Netherlands in more than 70 countries.

Wabtec Netherlands is part of theWabtec Company. This international group of companies produce a.o. broad range of products for locomotives, freight cars and passenger transit vehicles, highly sophisticated conductor systems for very specific purposes, for example for railway companies.


Wabtec Netherlands, flexible all the way…

For this we also have excellent technical equipment. Many special constructions, modifications and product innovations are designed by means of a CAD-system, and registered. Quick and very accurate. Flexible with energy; the field where Wabtec Netherlands is the best.

Wabtec Netherlands, at your service…

Our employees will be pleased to advise you, either by phone or in person on location. Furthermore we have a well trained and equipped service-department, which ensures installation and maintenance world-wide.

The sky is the limit…

Our extensive experience in the field of flexible power supply enables us to complete projects of varying nature. Our current supply systems have been successfully installed world-wide and quite often under extreme conditions!

Quality is our number one priority. Wabtec Netherlands only supplies products of high quality. As a result, we have built an excellent reputation throughout the world, for instance with our insulated conductor system, Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor®. Simply the ideal system for current supply of cranes, pulleys or traverse wagons. Because of the high quality and the unique characteristics many possibilities for utilisation exist.

From the current supply of a mini-train in a Dutch Zoo to controlling a telescope in an observatory on Hawaii or an enormous balloon in the shopping mall of Melbourne. This top grade quality is also evident at for instance galvanizing and petrochemical plants, harbours, cheese factories, concrete industries and automated warehouses. In short, on each location where the highest demands are set to obtain reliability, safety and efficiency. It is not a coincidence that Wabtec Netherlands is the main supplier of one of the world´s most well-known crane-builders!

Wabtec Netherlands, thinking ahead…

Listening to signals from the market and being a pro-active problem solver.

These are several of the many strong assets of Wabtec Netherlands. We developed the Akapp-Stemmann Positioning System, fully integrated in the conductor system Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor®. Within this system the current- and data/signal transmission is effected. With this system efficient automated logistical processes can be realised, for instance in the concrete, paper- and automotive industry.

Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor® is the standard conductor system for a German manufacturer of robots for yarn machines. The electrical supply for these full-time operating robots is of the utmost importance for the production reliabilty!