Textile industry

Textile industry requires high-quality machines.
  • In many countries, the textile industry is vital to the economy. In addition to clothing there is also the production of all kinds of other items like bags. When processing the fibers into the finished products, a lot of fine dust is often released. Machines and energy feed systems must be properly adjusted to be able to function well. Akapp conductor systems with the unique flexible sealing strips can be used successfully in these circumstances. Worldwide there are countless installations where Akapp conductor systems are used for power supply and control of machines in the textile industry.
  • Multiconductor The versatile Akapp-Stemmann 7-pole conductor bar system.
    Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, t
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    PowerPOZ The integrated, precise power supply and positioning system for up to 5 power conductors and 2 position magnetic tapes. Compact, accurate and safe fee Read more
    Click-Ductor The reliable, easy-to-mount Akapp-Stemmann conductor bar with pre-mounted copper conductors.
    Compact, reliable and secure power
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