Akapp-Stemmann Festoon  is a safe, effective and economical cable transport system. The flat cables to be transported are suspended from trolleys that move along the installation in a steel C-profile with the movable device (see the image opposite).

Akapp-Stemmann Festoon systems are used for uninterrupted electrical feeding and control of all movable apparatus such as:

• cranes
• hoists
• many other apparatus for internal transport
• machines or tools

These systems are used in many applications world-wide, indoors and outdoors, under the most divergent environmental conditions.

Akapp-Stemmann Festoon system
The special shape of the C-profile guarantees smooth running of the cable trolleys. Therefore, mechanical resistance and wear of the trolleys remains low.
The profiles can also be used for outdoor applications or under dusty and humid conditions.
The wheels of the trolleys, riding in the C-profile, clean the surface while running on it, so there’s no gathering of dust etc.
Akapp-Stemmann Festoon is available in different strengths.

Data C-Profiles
R150 R300
h (mm) 28 35
d (mm) 30,5 40
b (mm) 10,5 10
s (mm) 2 2,7
e (mm) 14,5 19,5
G (kg/m) 1,3 2,7
F (kg/m) 80 100
G = Weight
F = Load capacity (with suspension every 1 m)
System R150 is suitable for light duties. Please see for further information Festoon system R150
Please see for systems for heavy duties series Festoon system R300.

We can also supply many applicable types of round and flat cables. Please ask our sales department for further advise.

Wabtec Netherlands specialist in movable power supply systems, takes a leading position, also in the field of festoon systems. We offer you a wide range of options and high-quality components, focussing on maximum efficiency.

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