Car Parking

In major cities, car parking buildings are necessary.
  • Car parking is increasingly occurring in large parking garages, in which there are systems for transporting the vehicles fully automatically to an available parking space. The techniques used above are a combination of sophisticated mechanics and electrical power and control systems, which must be perfectly matched to each other.Electric power and data transmission via conductor rail systems is excellent with e.g. AKAPP Multiconductor. This type is therefore widely applied to automated car parking systems.
  • Multiconductor The versatile Akapp-Stemmann 7-pole conductor bar system.
    Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, t
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    PowerPOZ The integrated, precise power supply and positioning system for up to 5 power conductors and 2 position magnetic tapes. Compact, accurate and safe fee Read more
    Click-Ductor The reliable, easy-to-mount Akapp-Stemmann conductor bar with pre-mounted copper conductors.
    Compact, reliable and secure power
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