Industry sector which imposes extreme demands on the equipment.
  • In the processing of e.g. steel, copper or aluminum are subject to extremely high demands on the machines and electrical feed and control systems. Continuity of the production process is vital because stagnation will cause a lot of material loss.

    The operating conditions impose extreme demands on the electrical power feed systems, such as high temperatures, high engine speeds, high humidity and chemically aggressive vapors. Right here, AKAPP’s multi-pole and single-pole conductor systems are used, where temperatures up to 90 ° C and power up to 2200 A are possible!

  • Multiconductor The versatile Akapp-Stemmann 7-pole conductor bar system.
    Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, t
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    PowerPOZ The integrated, precise power supply and positioning system for up to 5 power conductors and 2 position magnetic tapes. Compact, accurate and safe fee Read more