Festoon system R150

Effective and economic systems for transporting your your valuable cables.

Special shape of the C-profile prevents wear of the cable trolleys


Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting


Mobile pendant terminal boxes up to 36-poles for connecting control cables


Cable trolleys in Nylon, aluminium, steel and stainless steel applicable


Safe and reliable transport of the cable package

  • C-profiel
  • Plafondmof
  • Separaat besturingswagen
  • Railwagen kunststof KVN150

AKAPP festoon system R150 for flat cables is versatile and provides an effective and economical method for feeding cranes, hoists and other moving rail-driven machines. Applications in- and outdoors possible. Suitable for travel speeds up to 60 m/min. Carrying capacity, when suspended at every 1 meter, is 80 kg/m.

Length per profile 4000 mm. Standard performance zinc plated steel. Also available in blank steel, dichromated steel and stainless steel.


  • Bridge- ad portal cranes (power and/or control)
  • Assembling- and other werk stations
  • Monorails
  • Transport systems
  • Data transmission systems
  • Production lanes, workstation equipment


Akapp-Stemmann has a wide range of Festoon systems for flat cables.
Festoon system R150 is suitable for light applications. For more Akapp-Stemmann Festoon Systems for heavier applications, see the series Festoon system R300.
We can also supply many types of flat cables.

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