The reliable, easy-to-mount AKAPP conductor bar with pre-mounted copper conductors.

Quick and easy installation


Easy-to-connect conductors


Low-maintenance collector trolleys


Dust, humidity and corrosion protection


Easy to be removed rail sections

  • RC with joint clamp
  • Cranes witn Clickductor
  • Click-Ductor trolley
  • Click-Ductor with AS7
  • Click-Ductor clip
  • Quick and easy installation
    Based on the well-designed clicksystem by which the conductors are mutually connected and the joint clamps without screw connection.
  • Easy-to-connect conductors
    The flat copper conductors, which have been provided within the synthetic housing, can be connected quickly and easily by means of a simple, patented, click-system. Unique!
  • Joint clamps without screw connection
    The synthetic joint clamps to connect the Click-Ductor housings are clicked on effortlessly, whilst no tools are used!
  • Dust, humidity and corrosion protection
    For these conditions the Click-Ductor housing RC7 can be totally closed by the use of special flexible sealing strips.
  • Easy to be removed rail sections
    Due to the fact that the outer ends of the copper conductors are positioned against one another, the housing can easily be removed whilst the other housings do not need to be moved.
  • Long track lengths possible
    Track lengths up to 200 m (including central feeding) can be obtained. This is applicable for outdoor installations as well.
  • High current capacity
    Standard up to 400A (parallel switched conductors). For higher ratings please consult the Akapp-Stemmann sales office.
  • CCC Certified
    Akapp-Stemmann Click-Ductor is CCC Certified, approved by the China Quality Certification Centre.

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