The versatile Akapp-Stemmann 7-pole conductor bar system.

Continuous conductors


Exceptionally long life of carbon brushes


Control and data transfer optimal


Track lengths unlimited


High travel speeds

  • Akapp-Stemmann copper strips for Multiconductor
  • Multiconductor trolley
  • Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor as circular tracks
  • Multiconductor with positioning system
  • Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor in textile industry
  • Continuous conductors
    The flat copper conductors can be pulled from rolls into the previously installed PVC housing in long continuous lengths, without any connections in the conductor.
  • Exceptionally long life of carbon brushes
    The absence of conductor joints and connections results in minimal brush wear and therefore a trouble-free operation of the conductor system.
  • Control and data transfer optimal
    Because of the continuous copper conductors combined with the constant and efficient contact between carbon brushes and flat copper conductors, Multiconductor is ideal for control and data transfer. Very important in e.g. automated warehouses.
  • Track lengths unlimited
    Extremely long track lengths are possible when required either indoors or outdoors, by utilising the expansion joint which still incorporates continuous copper conductors.
  • High travel speeds
    Up to 250 m / min. Higher rates on request.
  • High current capacity
    Copper strips with different cross-sections can be drawn in the large-sized copper strip channels. Standard up to 320A. We also provide conductor systems for higher current strengths.
  • Approved by inspecting organizations
    ln various countries, Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor systems are approved by Inspection Authorities eg UL, CCC etc , where the quality and safety of equipment is essential.
  • Integrated positioning system
    For the easy positioning of movable apparatus such as skippers and traverse cars, Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor can be fitted with a special pulse strip and pulse detectors. With an additional PLC application, one can realise a fully automated transport system.
  • CCC Certified
    Akapp-Stemmann Multiconductor is CCC Certified, approved by the China Quality Certification Centre.

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