Akapp-Stemmann on LogiMAT 2024 Stuttgart

Akapp-Stemmann presents itself on LogiMAT 2024 Stuttgart

Akapp-Stemmann presents itself on LogiMAT 2024 from 19 -21 March 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany. This important fair is the international trade event for the logistics sector, with a special focus on Distribution, Material Handling and Information provision. The fair is particularly interesting in the field of warehouse automation.

At the Akapp-Stemmann stand, new developments around the flat track Pro-Ductor are to be seen, including a number of new collector trolleys and handy mounting tools, which make the installation of this system even faster and easier.

With Pro-Ductor conductor systems, the copper conductors in the plastic housing are uninterrupted, so there are no interruptions over the entire length of the track. This has many advantages, such as very reliable energy and data transfer, low and constant voltage drop, very long life of the carbon brushes, little maintenance.

Attention also to a completely newly developed power rail system, ‘PowerPOZ‘, in which power supply and positioning data are integrated in one system.
‘PowerPOZ’ has been specially developed for (automation of) logistics processes where movable equipment, such as cranes, transport trucks and concrete skippers, must be positioned accurately, quickly and with high reliability. Applicable in straight installations as well as in installations with horizontal and/or vertical curves.
Application of the ‘PowerPOZ’ power supply and positioning system for your movable devices can provide you with significant savings in construction and maintenance costs!

Akapp-Stemmann informs you about:

• Flat busbar systems ‘Pro-Ductor‘, for automated warehouses, including all new developments.
• The new busbar type ‘PowerPOZ‘, with integrated feeding and positioning data.
• Other busbar systems such as ‘Multiconductor‘ and ‘4-Ductor‘ systems for cranes, hoists, internal transport etc.
• Reliable, flexible and innovative mobile energy supply systems for a wide variety of applications.

We look forward to your visit to Akapp-Stemmann; Hall 1, Stand no. C04.

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Akapp-Stemmann PowerPOZ system with 5 copper conductors and 2 positioning magnetic strips

Sensor trolley for positioning