The economic AKAPP 4-pole conductor bar system.

Continuous conductors


Exceptionally long life of carbon brushes


Excellent price/quality ratio


Track lengths unlimited


Simple installation

  • copper rolls
  • 4-Ductor trolley
  • RN4 with copper
  • RN4 with crane
  • RN4 with crane
  • Continuous conductors
    The flat copper conductors can be pulled from rolls into the previously installed PVC housing in long continuous lengths, without any connections in the conductor.
  • Exceptionally long life of carbon brushes
    The absence of conductor joints and connections results in minimal brush wear and therefore a trouble-free operation of the conductor system.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
    The concept of the continuous conductors and the use of only high quality components result in a trouble free feeding system against an agreeable price.
  • Track lengths unlimited
    Extremely long track lengths are possible when required either indoors or outdoors, by utilising the AKAPP expansion joint which still incorporates continuous copper conductors.
  • Simple installation
    Due to the light weight of the PVC housing, copper conductors without connections and the design of accessory components, system installation is a quick and easy operation.
  • Voltdrop absolute minimum and constant
    Due to continuous copper conductors, thus avoiding problems associated with added resistance at joints and increased volt drop characteristics when joints loosen or corrode.
  • High mechanical strength
    The PVC housing has a combination of high flexural yield, impact and tensile strength and is complemented by the design of associated components.
  • High current capacity
    Copper strips with different cross-sections can be drawn in the large-sized copper strip channels. Standard up to 160A. For higher currents, AKAPP supplies other conductor systems, e.g. Multiconductor.
  • CCC Certified
    AKAPP 4-Ductor is CCC Certified, approved by the China Quality Certification Centre.

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