People Movers

People transport must be safe and comfortable.
  • Transport of people takes place in many locations around the world in the most varied circumstances. Countless people make short trips in people movers, for example in amusement parks. But there are also fast monorail routes for transport in or between cities with many residents. In all situations this must be done with the highest degree of safety and comfort for the passengers. With Akapp power rail, this is possible.
    Especially for this application, Akapp has a wide range of possibilities to ensure that the supply of energy and control signals for the means of transport is smooth.
  • Multiconductor The versatile Akapp-Stemmann 7-pole conductor bar system.
    Compact, reliable and secure power supply system for cranes, hoists, t
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    PowerPOZ The integrated, precise power supply and positioning system for up to 5 power conductors and 2 position magnetic tapes. Compact, accurate and safe fee Read more
    Click-Ductor The reliable, easy-to-mount Akapp-Stemmann conductor bar with pre-mounted copper conductors.
    Compact, reliable and secure power
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  • Pro-Ductor The flat conductor system up to 10-poles, especially designed for automated warehouses.
    Compact, dependable and secure power sup
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