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Standard housing length 6000 mm


Current pantographs up to 300A (single) or 600A (double)


Number of poles unlimited


Applicable in combination with RTG’s


Suitable for temperatures -30 °C up to +90 °C

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The SICL40 system is a plastic-insulated conductor line system protected against contact for indoor applications but also in particular, for outdoor applications, designed in compliance with VDE 0100. It is suitable for amperages up to 2200 A and is also particularly suitable for the application of service duty cranes and gantry cranes as well as conveyor systems.


Housing material PVC
Standard length 6000 mm
Number of conductors unlimited
Suspension distance max. 2500 mm
Voltage 1000 V
Current capacity (100% ED at 35°C) 2200 A
Conductor bar cross-section max. 900 mm²
Conductor material copper, alu-copper, alu-stainless steel
Ambient / housing temperature – 30 °C to + 90 °C
Travel speed 600 m/min
Protection class (DIN VDE 0470 T.1/EN 60529) IP23
Smallest curve radius, vertical/horizontal > 2500 mm
Application area in-/outdoors
Fire protection equipment UL94 / V0

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