Kabels voor besturingen


Kabels voor besturingen

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  • Widely applicable
    Suitable for use in dry, humid and wet rooms. Outdoor use only with UV-protection, no laying underground.
  • Highly flexible
    ASP cables are esspecially developped for use in drag chains and therefore offer maximum flexibility. Bending radius of up to 5x outer diameter is possible *)
  • Compact design
    Relatively small outer diameter and low weight; this often results in smaller chain sizes compared with other cables
  • Solid construction
    Fitted with a protection shield between the cores and outer sheath
  • Temperature range *)
    Operational temperature -30/+80 °C (fixed);
    Operational temperature -5/+70 °C (moved)
    Conductor temperature max. 70 °C in operation.
  • Chemical resistance
    Largely resistant to acids, bases and usual oils
  • Wide range of types
    There is a wide range of cable types available, covering almost every demand. Both without or with copper shielded cores (see picture)
  • Safe
    Tested with 4 kV Voltage

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