Akapp-Stemmann conductor systems at BetonTage 2022 Ulm (Germany)


New Akapp-Stemmann conductor systems at BetonTage 2022 in Ulm (Germany)

New conductor bar system with integrated positioning shown at 66. BetonTage in Ulm

Wabtec Netherlands presents Akapp-Stemmann conductor systems at the 66. BetonTage to be held in the Congress Centrum in Ulm (Germany) from 21 – 23 June 2022. This important event is the most important information, inspiration and knowledge platform for the concrete and precast industry. experts, industry experts, companies and visitors can get to know each other.
Wabtec Netherlands shows, among other things, a completely newly developed busbar system, ‘PowerPOZ‘, in which power supply and positioning data are integrated in one system. In our stand we will be happy to show you how it works and advise you on all the options.

‘PowerPOZ’ has been specially developed for (automation of) logistics processes where movable equipment, such as concrete cubes, cranes, transport trucks, etc., must be positioned accurately, quickly and with high reliability. Applicable in straight installations as well as in installations with horizontal and/or vertical bends.

The characteristic continuous copper strips and highly effective dust and moisture sealing mean that this system can also function excellently under extreme conditions, such as in the concrete industry for example.

Application of the ‘PowerPOZ’ power supply and positioning system for your movable devices can provide you with significant savings in construction and maintenance costs!

We look forward to welcoming you at our Akapp-Stemmann stand, nr. 32.

Wabtec Netherlands is happy to provide you with further information about the Akapp-Stemmann products:

  • PowerPOZ‘ busbar system, the new busbar with power supply and positioning in one housing
  • High-capacity multi-pole busbar systems suitable for heavy-duty applications, including very dusty or humid operating conditions, such as ‘Multiconductor
  • Spring Cable Reels series ‘AV‘, for power supply and control for movable devices both indoors and outdoors. Slip rings for both high currents and data transfer.
  • Reliable, flexible and innovative mobile energy supply systems for a wide variety of applications that increase efficiency and productivity!

For further information on this event, please visit the website of the 66. BetonTage: www.betontage.com