Product modification


Date: 11-04-2023

Subject: Connection cable, CL-types current collectors 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole.

Dear Customer/Partner,


Unfortunately, the connection cable type we use as standard in the CL types of current collectors, 5-, 6- and 7-pole, is not available. In order to continue to guarantee deliveries, we will be supplying these CL types of current collectors with a different type of connecting cable in the near future.


We hereby inform you more specifically about this:


SpecificationsOriginal cableAlternative cable
TypeW05RNF (7x4mm2)SIHF-J (7x4mm2)
Used in current collector typesCL7-5-.. series (5-pole)

CL7-6-.. series (6-pole)

CL7-7-.. series (7-pole)

CL7-5-.. series (5-pole)

CL7-6-.. series (6-pole)

CL7-7-.. series (7-pole)





SpecificationsThe technical specifications of the orange cable are at least equivalent or better.
The orange cable is very suitable for the correct operation of the CL current collectors.


This change is effective as per April  11, 2023.


This is a temporary adjustment. As soon as the original (black) cable is available again, we will use it again.


Download this information as PDF-document here.