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You can find the best crane conductor bar for your area of application at AKAPP-STEMMANN. We are specialised in tailor made power supply solutions for various sectors, industries and areas of application such as assembly lines, internal transport, ship building, window cleaning, textile industry and many others. We are also specialised in developing conductor bar systems for the crane industry.

A crane conductor bar from AKAPP-STEMMANN


We are specialised in developing reliable, flexible and innovative power supply systems and equipment. Whatever the problem is, we have the solution for flexible and reliable equipment in many fields. We do not only deliver these solutions, we function as a full partner for your project; we appreciate to be involved in your project, right from the start. That is why we closely work together with engineers, architects and electronical installers. When you are looking for a crane conductor bar, please check our current offer of conductor bar systems:

  • Click-Ductor;
  • 4-Ductor;
  • Multiconductor;
  • Pro-Ductor.

At your service

We are happy to be at your service. When you are looking for the right crane conductor bar, please do not hesitate to ask us for advice. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you and to discuss all of our possibilities. You can contact us by calling at +31 342 403900.

  • Kranen & Intern transport
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  • Intralogistiek
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  • Agrarische industrie & Tuinbouw
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  • Gevelreiniging
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  • Havens & Containeroverslag
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  • Beton-industrie
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  • Automobiel-industrie
  • Theatertechniek
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  • Metallurgie
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  • Autoparkeersystemen
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